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Party Boat & Club Entry in Budapest

4.63/5 ( 8 reviews )
What's Included
  • Pissup Guide
  • Party Boat Entry
  • 120 min. Party Boat Tour
  • Night Club Entry
  • Transfer to afterparty
Night Life
Night Club Entry
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Are You Ready For Some Carnage?

Give your stag the party of his life in Budapest. Get messed up at Pissup's exclusive boat party and then stumble on to a trendy nightclub with a top DJ.

Come join us for a wild boat party on the Danube filled with locals and tourists drinking themselves into oblivion. A world class DJ will be on board, playing all of the latest tunes and some old school bangers. Behave yourselves in case the boat's photographers snap a shot of one of your group members doing something they wouldn't do if their missus was around. Afterwards, we'll take you on a party bus to a location where the after party is at.

It's guaranteed to be a chaotic night.

What To Expect

Drop your bags, down a bottle of beer or two, and make your way over to where the boat is anchored. It's located in the centre of the city, so finding it won't be difficult. We'll give you the location closer to the time of the activity.

The boat party kicks off at 9:00 p.m. sharp, so make sure you get yourselves there on time. Your group won't have to pay the entry fee or for cloakroom access as the booking covers it. 

There will be a photographer on hand that night to take some pictures of what's going down. Grab some tequillas and make sure he gets a photograph of the whole group shooting them. Keep it safe for your best man's speech.

You have two hours to get your stag absolutely destroyed. Once that time is up, a party bus will be waiting outside for your group to take you to the after party location at Morrisson's 2. The entry fee is covered with your booking. That's, of course, if you can make it.

Your group can stay at the after party location as long as you like. Keep the drinks flowing and dance until the sun comes up. To cure the hangover the next day, book an all you can eat + drinks package at one of the city's best restaurants known for cooking the finest dishes from Hungarian cuisine.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • The activity will take at least 3 to 4 hours to complete. So make sure you plan accordingly. Of course, you can stay at the after party longer if you wish.
  • There is no limit on group size. Small and large groups will be looked after.
  • The boat party isn't private. There will be other people on board enjoying some drinks like yourselves.
  • At 11:00 p.m., your group has to leave the boat party to go to the after party location.

Other Options

Party Boat Including Unlimited Drinks

Party Boat Including Unlimited Drinks

  • Pissup Guide
  • 2 hrs. Party Boat Tour
  • 150 min. unlimited beer, wine and long drinks (Vodka/Gin/Rum/Whisky + Mixer)
  • Transfer to afterparty
  • Night Club Entry

Party Boat & Club Entry in Budapest

Rated "Excellent" with 4.63/5 Based on 8+ reviews.

Give your stag the party of his life in Budapest. Get messed up on a boat party with a top DJ and then stumble on to a trendy nightclub.

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24. June 2023

Google Translated Party boat was also pretty cool, unfortunately there were only music boxes upstairs and no DJ, which we found a shame, but the view made everything up to us. So we can really only recommend i

10. June 2024
09. June 2024
09. June 2024
16. May 2024
02. November 2023
27. June 2023
11. June 2023
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