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Stag Challenge Games in Budapest

Stag Challenge Games in Budapest

What's Included

  • Guide
  • Referee (2 for groups over 15 people)
  • 10 Challenges
  • 10 Vodka Shots
  • 1 Bottle Bubbly
  • 1 Cocktail each
  • 1 Kebab Each
  • 1 Beer Each
  • Overview

Stag Challenge Games in Budapest – have you got what it takes to complete all the challenges, and emerge victorious??

Going on a Budapest stag do? Want to do something extra-fun and competitive? Then the stag challenge games are just the thing for you.

We have 10 challenges you have to complete! You’ll get to do the following tasks/challenges:

Do your own kebab; Head in a bucket of ice; Become a bar man; Beer with a straw; Rubiks Cube; Musical Blind test; Tape stuck; Kalacs Eat; Egg Challenge; and Human Pyramid…

By the end of it you’ll really feel like you’re ready to party even more!

More Info

There will be a Guide, plus a referee at hand to set the rules for 10 Challenges. Drinks included – 10 Vodka Shots, 1 Bottle of Bubbly, 1 Cocktail each, 1 Beer Each. You’ll also get 1 kebab each.

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