Stag Revenge in Budapest
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Stag Revenge in Budapest

What's included

  • Guide
  • 3 Hour Bar Guide
  • large lady
  • Fanta
  • VIP Strip Club
  • Stag On Stage Show in Strip Club


Are you the stag and have been left to organise your own weekend? Has your so called "best man" been a complete disaster? Then get a little revenge! This one is best served warm! We won't give it all away here but let's just say it includes a large lady, some warm fanta and some toilet humour. The revenge takes place added to meal activities or in a bar during the evening. A classic stag do prank which guarantees your Budapest stag weekend will be talked about for years to come.

  Of course, you can do this prank to the stag and now it also includes a 3 hour Bar Guide and VIP Strip club entry with "Stag On Stage Show" in the club for the final humiliation!

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