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Wine Tasting in Budapest

What's Included
  • Driver
  • Private transfer to activity
  • Pissup Guide
  • 4 x Wine Tasters
  • 1 round pogácsa & soda
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Winery Tours

Let's Drink Wine, Lots Of Wine

Does your stag like to act like a connoisseur by spitting facts about the old bottle of Merlot he has sitting at home in the press? If so, this is the ultimate activity for him.

How do a few delicious glasses of fine wine sound? Bring your stag on a luxuriant wine tasting experience in Budapest that he'll never forget. Sample four mouthwatering local wines at one of the Hungarian capital's top wineries. Get an introduction to the vineyard and learn about the workings that go on behind the scenes of crafting the drink we all love. With good wine, there must be something to complement it, so you'll be served a Hungarian delicacy called pogácsa and some soda on the side. 

Come join Pissup's wine tasting stag do activity in Budapest today. You won't be disappointed.

What To Expect

Your stag group will be picked up by one of Pissup's drivers at your accommodation. The drive from the city centre to the winery takes between thirty and forty-five minutes. Try to get them boys to relax; wine time is coming.

Upon your arrival, an employee from the winery will meet your group, introduce themselves and give you a little rundown on what to expect throughout the tour. They'll then give you an introduction to the winery and show your group the fascinating work that goes into making the good stuff. Besides the drinking aspect of this experience, you can also learn a thing or two about the whole wine making process.

Next up is the part you've all been waiting for. It's drinking time. Your group's wine tasting will include four carefully chosen wines selected by your guide. One by one, you'll slowly sip and give a little review. If anyone has any questions they'd like to have answered by the sommelier, feel free to go ahead and ask them. They'll have a plethora of knowledge that they would be happy to share with you.

To make those taste buds of yours truly explode, some Hungarian pogácsa and soda will be thrown in. The appetising combination will surely have you begging for more.

After your wine tasting, your driver will take the group back to the city centre where they can continue the wine drinking for as long as they like.

Add Ons To Make Your Stag's Day More Enjoyable

There are some extra bites to eat that you can add to your package to spice it up a little more.

See below for details :

  • Cheese tasters
  • Ham tasters portion option one
  • Ham tasters portion option two

Other Options

High End Etyek Wine Tasting

High End Etyek Wine Tasting

  • 90 min. Private wine tasting
  • 1 portion pogácsa & soda
  • 5 x different wines
  • Driver
  • Private transfer to activity
  • Pissup Guide

What can you add?

+Female Stripper
+Lesbo-show (2 female strippers performing)
+Sexy Hitchhiker
+cheese and ham tasters
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