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Beer Bike in Cologne

Beer Bike in Cologne

What's Included

  • Beer Bike with Sound System
  • 120 min. round-trip
  • Bike Chauffeur
  • 10 litres of Beer incl.
  • Overview

Beer Bike in Cologne – see the sights and enjoy a few cold ones!

All aboard the beer bike – peddle round the streets with your beer bike chaffeur steering the machine! This is a great activity for lads who’ve woken up with a bit of a hangover – excercise AND hair of the dog all in one activity.

How it Works

The beer bike activity will last for 120 min. A Bike Chauffeur
plus 10l Beer is included. Your group will have to take a train from Cologne Main Station to “Leverkusen Mitte” station. The train ride will last around 15 min.

The Beer Bike will start and finish directly at the train station.

Please note – Beer Bike Tour is outside of Cologne (Leverkusen), because it isn’t allowed in the city limits.

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