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Cuban Rum and Cigar Salon Tasting + Education Lessons

What's Included
  • 120 min. Introduction to Cuban Rum and Cigars
  • 4 x Cuban Rum Tasters
  • Cuban Cigar
  • Chocolate Cigar
  • Water and Bread for neutralization
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Enjoy the private atmosphere of a cigar lounge. Where else can you enjoy a classic masculine experience – AND you can smoke inside!

We’ll sort you out with a full 2 hours inside the private smoking lounge. There you’ll get to enjoy 5 different types of cuban rum, plus to complete the experience 1 cuban cigar, and 1 chocolate cigar – as a fun giveaway. An instructor will be at hand to guide you through the process. What are you waiting for you budding sophisticates? Book now!

Enjoy the private athmosphere of a cigar lounge! Where else can you be man and smoke your cigar inside nowadays?

What You Get / Extras

120 minutes of cigar smoking (total, including presentation). An instructor. You'll get to sample 5 different types of rum from Cuba. And you'll get 1 Cuban cigar to smoke, plus a 1 chocolate cigar (a fun giveaway).

For an extra cost the stag can be shown how to roll a cigar himself. Handy stuff for any budding mafioso boss!

PLEASE NOTE - This is a cool activity for gentlemen only. And that means be on your best behaviour, too.

All wannabe James Bonds have to dress and act the part!

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