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Flat Rate Party in Cologne

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Flat Rate Party in Cologne

What's Included

  • Unlimited Drinks
  • Night Club Entry
Night Life
Ultimate Stag Night

Flat rate party in Cologne – it's the best idea ever...all you have to do is pay one rate, and you get drinks all night!

Stag nights out in Cologne don’t get much better than this, especially if you love booze but don’t want to overspend...we’ll get you hooked up with a flat rate deal where you can enjoy a selection of drinks, at a great venue! Perhaps you think your special "talent" is being able to hold your booze...well now you can prove it. Get plastered all night for one flat-rate price!

You'll gain entry to a unique Cologne dance bar, where you'll get to start your hardcore party.

The drinks on offer will include: Beer, Wine, Bubbly, Softs.

Why not combine this with a pub crawl & club entry, and see the best of what Cologne has to offer?

It's probably best for you to eat something before you go out on the town. So why not choose one of our dinner options? Eating may be "cheating" on a P-ssup, but if you want stamina you need to eat...book today!

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