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Go-Kart Indoors + Beer in Cologne

Go-Kart Indoors + Beer in Cologne

What's Included

  • Fun go-karting in one of Cologne’s best indoor centres
  • 30 minutes karting fun
  • Complete equipment (+ ski mask, balaclava)
  • 0.2l Kölsch beer for each guy
  • Convenient transfer can be booked additionally
  • Overview

Put the pedal to the metal and leave your friends in your wake in a Pissup Grand Prix!

We organise a trip to the local go-kart track for you. All equipment is provided, including ski-mask and balaclava. There will 8 minutes instruction, 8 lap qualifying race, and a 25 lap final race – with a total karting time of 30 minutes. More than enough time to find out who the true Louis Hamilton of your group is! As the track is a little way out of the city, we can arrange a convenient transfer for you.

You’ll each get a Kölsch beer each after you’re done!

Send us an enquiry today and we’ll get the karts ready for you!

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