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Champagne tasting in Copenhagen

Champagne tasting in Copenhagen

What's Included

  • Tasting of 6 different types of high-end Champagne
  • Overview

Champagne tasting in Copenhagen - for the Bond-style sophisticated night out!

Want to drink more than "just" beer on your Copehagen Stag do? Like quaffing champagne? How about tasting 6 different types AND learning the difference between the labels? - for a sophisticated activity...that also gets you a bit tipsy, there's nothing better than Champagne tasting in Copenhagen.

How it Works

In a sleek bar in Copenhagen city you'll get to try six different types of champagne. Yes, that's right: six! These will be high-end labels so none of the cheap stuff. After this tasting session you'll be able to boast that you know the difference between the labels.

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