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Prisoners at the fort game in Copenhagen

What's Included
  • Gamemaster
  • 2 x 1 Instructor for each team
  • Special trained instructors for the snake or climbing challenges
  • Your own choice of challenges
  • Prizes for Winners
  • 3 hrs. 3 hour amazing event at the historic Garderhøjfortet
Night Life
Stag Olympics
Stag Olympics

Prisoners at the fort in Copenhagen... the concept of the game is inspired by a popular entertainment program on TV in Denmark.

It works like th

You will be divided into teams that compete against each other.

Each team is assigned a Master and you’ll have to go through different types of activities that will test your endurance and skills. There will be, among other things: Snakes, lots of water, balance tasks, violent heights, walk on broken glass and more!

Each level offers either a key or a clue, to be used in the treasury as gold coins.

You have to go through 12 tracks to win. You can choose activities.

The team that collects the most gold wins!

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