Stunt man training in Copenhagen
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Stunt man training in Copenhagen

What's included

  • Workshop
  • Training in stage fighting
  • Fall Techniques


Are you bored of typical stag activities, do you want to try out something different? Stunt man training in Copenhagen is an activity out of the ordinary! What guy has not dreamed of being Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible for a day? This is the opportunity to live out that dream, and get some action-packed fun in on your stag weekend.

You start with warming up, where you get to learn stage unloading, vertical techniques, and more. The stag will get special treatment and is going to be, "shot" by a gun. And to top it off the stag's legs will be set on fire! Like Hollywood, everything is of course make believe!

This activity is for groups of max. 30 people.

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