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Bachelor Treasure Hunt in Hamburg

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Bachelor Treasure Hunt in Hamburg

What's Included
  • 180 min. Playing Time
  • 3 x Application download
  • Support Hotline
  • Challenges
Treasure Hunts

We've Found The Treasure!

Book a uniquely organized treasure hunt specially designed for your friend who's having his stag do in Hamburg. Take on the wildest of challenges while seeing the city's sights.

As soon as you book this activity, we'll send you a mysterious package with a number of small items and an application to download on your phone to be used when you embark on your adventure. Use the application to race around the city, solving different challenges personalized for your friend getting married. Divide into three teams to compete for the prize, one of which will include the poor little stag on his own. Allowing him to win will be your worst nightmare — imagine the trash talk he'll spew later that night while you're having a few beers.

What To Expect

The build up for this exciting stag party activity begins once you book the activity. We'll send you a package filled with some items that are going to be needed for the hunt itself, an application that everyone will need to download to their phone, along with a couple of personal questions about the bachelor himself to tailor the experience for him, like the bride's name, etc.

Looking at the scavenger hunt, it's going to last anywhere between three and four hours and involve your group pacing through Hamburg, attempting to solve problems and challenges that revolve around your pal getting married. There are over fifty available, and for some, you have to choose from certain categories. He's going to be mortified.

On the day of the activity, you won't have a personal guide, just the mobile application. Only log in to the application when you want to start the hunt. As soon as the first login happens, a 72 hour timer will begin. Any issues that arise, be they technical or something else, will be addressed by a support hot line on the application.

Before starting, the bachelor party will need to be split up into three teams; one of them needs to be the stag on his own for the activity to go as planned. A little bit of taunting won't hurt anyone. Play against each other and ensure that the groom to be doesn't stand a chance of winning. 

Have you made plans to head out later that night in Hamburg? If the lone soldier does manage to win the competition, treat him to a steak and tits experience. It does what it says on the package. Devour a steak meal cooked how ever you like and watch your buddy get the lap dance he's always dreamed about from an oh so sexy German lady. It will be something he'll dream about for years to come.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • In case of bad weather on the day of the scavenger hunt, there's a GPS independent mode on the application. Many of the challenges can also be completed from a café or lodging if necessary. 
  • Unfortunately, the activity is only available in German. You better brush up on your lessons if it's something you really want to do.
  • This activity needs to be booked at least one week in advance if the customer lives in Germany, or two weeks in advance if they live in CH or Austria.

Bachelor Treasure Hunt in Hamburg

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Book a uniquely organised treasure hunt specially designed for your friend who's having his stag do in Hamburg. Take on the wildest of challenges.

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15. May 2022

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