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Private Beer Pong Party in Hamburg

What's Included
  • 90 min. Private Room
  • 1 hr. Beer Pong Table
  • whole pizza each
  • shotpong
  • 6 l Beer
  • 0,5 l Vodka
  • Super Nintendo SNES Mini
  • 2 x Softdrinks
  • 0,7 l bottle of Berliner Luft
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Night Life

Let's Get This Party Started!

Organize for your stag to have a private party for him and his mates at Hamburg's Beer Pong Bar. Get your drinking hats on because this is going to be carnage.

Head over to Hamburgs exclusive Beer Pong Bar, where a room just for your bachelor and his mates awaits. Smash each other in multiple competitive games of beer pong while devouring a scrumptious pizza. Since you're going to be playing the world's most popular drinking game, you're going to need some booze, so we'll throw in 6 x 1l pitchers of beer, 0,5l bottle of vodka + 2 Red Bull or 3 Softdrinks and 0,7l bottle of Berliner Luft. Things are going to get seriously messy.

What To Expect

Grab the lads and venture over to Hamburg's popular beer pong bar, frequently visited by locals and tourists from all over the world. A private room rental will be there waiting for your group, you'll have it for a whole 90 minutes, so make sure you get your use out of it.

You can't go to a beer pong bar without playing, so there will be an hour reservation for your lot and a serious amount of booze to play with. Here's a little look at what your alcohol stash will consist of.

  • 6 x 1 litre pitchers of beer
  • A 0,5 litre bottle of vodka + 2 Red Bull or 3 soft drinks
  • A 0,7 litre bottle of Berliner Luft

To keep your bellies happy, each group member will get a delicious pizza each. There's no better combo than pizza and beer.

For those who get knocked out of the competition early, a Super Nintendo SNES Mini will be available to play where you can embrace your inner child. 

Following your reservation, you can stay in the beer pong bar if you wish or let Pissup plan the rest of your night with one of our other exciting stag do activities in Hamburg such as having your own VIP lounge in one of the city's best strip clubs. A raunchy experience that he'll need before he sells his soul.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • In case you need to cancel the private room due to unforseen circumstances, it can be done so for free of charge a maximum of 8 hours before the time it is due to begin.
  • The alcohol selection that's included in the booking cannot be changed.
  • For anyone in the group who wants to buy more alcohol, can do so on the spot at the bar.

Add Ons Your Stag Will Absolutely Love

  • A strip show from a drop dead gorgeous German stripper.
  • Draught your very own beer in the private room.

Other Options

Private Beer Pong Party

Private Beer Pong Party

  • 3 hrs. Private Room
  • 3 hrs. Beer Pong Table
  • 15 l Beer
  • 1l bottle of wodka with mixers
  • 1l of Rum or 1l of Gin or 1l of Whisky with mixers
  • 2 x 0.7l bottle of Berliner Luft
  • 1 Pizza on their choice per person
  • shotpong

What can you add?

Female stripshow
extra 1 Liter Beer
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