RIB - Power Boat Racing in Hamburg

RIB - Power Boat Racing in Hamburg

What's Included

  • 75 min RIB drive
  • Driver
  • Life jacket / protective clothing
  • 1 Drink for everyone
  • Overview

RIB - Power Boat Racing in Hamburg!

Do you have a need for speed? Ever wanted to ride on a proper speed boat? Well now's your chance! These RIB power boats can get up to some serious speeds, so you'd better be prepared. If you've had a hard night on the tiles in Hamburg the night before, then this fast, 75 minute ride is sure to be a great wake up call.

Life-jackets, protective clothing included. You will also each get 1 drink.

Note: you have to be sober to do this activity. Please make sure you wear suitable clothes i.e. sportswear.

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