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Strip Beer Bike in Hamburg

What's Included
  • Organization of Strip Show during tour
  • 2 hrs. Beer Bike Tour
  • Driver
  • 10 l of Beer
  • Strip Show
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Beer Bike
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A Boozy Cycle With An Erotic Side To It!

Beer bikes have always been one of our most popular Hamburg stag do activities, but imagine adding in a cheeky strip show to get you lads warmed up.

Motivation is key to any form of exercise, and we know nothing gets a man going more than a fine set of boobies! Surprise the groom to be before he starts pedalling with an erotic strip show performed by a hot local beauty who sure knows how to make him sweat more than any bike.

Wipe off the sweat because the workout has only just begun; it's then time for a ride on our beer bike on the outskirts of the enchanting city of Hamburg. The only motivation you'll have is the beer on offer.

Drink up, and let's go sightseeing, boys!

What To Expect

The meeting point for the activity is just outside the city centre, close to Maschen Train Station, this is because beer bikes aren't allowed to operate in the centre. You can easily get there by various forms of public transportation, we'll inform you how close to the time.

To kick things off, the lucky groom to be will have a bit of one to one time with a drop dead gorgeous stripper in a private pavilion that is well set up in advance, and yes, of course, you'll all get to watch; he's not lucky enough to have her all to himself.

Our beer bike journeys take place along the Elbe River, a peaceful area surrounded by stunning forms of nature, so you can soak up the fresh air with ice cold German beers in hand and pedal as hard as you can to the final destination.

Expect to be cycling for around two hours in total, but there will be plenty of breaks along the way; we couldn't have you getting tired halfway through. After the cycle finishes up, you'll be directed back to the meeting point where the activity will conclude. We're sure there will be a few tipsy heads once we're done with you lot.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • You're not allowed to bring your own alcohol; the only drinks allowed to be consumed are the ones we provide.
  • Please don't be drunk when you arrive.
  • Peeing in public is prohibited. If someone does, the tour will be cancelled and prosecuted by the Public Office. Hopefully, nobody breaks the seal before getting on board.
  • You must stay with your group at all times, and under no circumstances should you try to jump off the bike when it's moving.
  • Singing is encouraged, but respect citizens in the area.
  • Don't harass any person or animal that you pass by, or it could result in the tour being cancelled.
  • Respect your surroundings, the bike, the people of Hamburg, and our team at all times. We want you to have fun!
  • If someone breaks the rules, our drivers reserve the right to cancel the tour on the spot, and a refund won't be provided.

Add Ons Your Stag Might Enjoy On The Day

  • An extra 10 litres of beer to share between the group.
  • An extra 5 litres of beer to share between the group.

What can you add?

extra 10l Beer for Beer Bike/Conference Bike
Surcharge for French speaking guide
extra 5l Beer for Beer Bike/Conference Bike
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