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Ocean Beach Club Entry in Ibiza

What's Included
  • Entrance to beach club
Night Club Entry

Ocean Beach - The God Of All Clubs

Join the party at Ocean Beach in Ibiza, one of the island's well known venues, to celebrate your stag party with your wolf pack.

Who said there was a rule regarding when you can party? Ocean Beach Club specialises in daytime raves and crazy events. Their venue takes classy to a whole new level, with a 600 m² stylish pool, spacious hammock and seating areas for those not up for a dip, and lavish bars taken care of by some of the best mixologists on the island.

Your tickets will include an entry that has to be used before 3 PM. Ocean Beach's open hours are between 2 PM and midnight, so there's plenty of time for clubbing.

Come experience Ocean Beach with Pissup!

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Props like inflatables, sports tops, stag costumes and body paint are strictly forbidden.
  • All visitors must wear footwear when they arrive and have to leave the venue with clothes on, not swimwear.
  • Anyone who enters the pool has to wear proper swimming clothes.
  • Topless sunbathing isn't allowed for anyone.
  • Everyone coming to Ocean Beach Club has to bring a photo ID with them. It must either be in the form of a passport or a driving license.
  • Whoever has purchased general admission tickets has to arrive before 3 PM. If you arrive after this time, you might not be allowed to enter and will have to follow the one in one out rule if the club fills up to maximum capacity.
  • If anyone shows up intoxicated, under the influence of illegal drugs or behaves dangerously or inappropriately, the security team is allowed to refuse anyone they suspect has broken these rules. You won't be given a refund if this happens to you.
  • If you're caught breaking any of the bathing rules, you will be asked to leave.
  • SLR cameras are prohibited. If you want to record anything at the venue, you have to contact the marketing team.
  • Selfie sticks are not allowed.
  • Once you are in Ocean Beach Club, you must consent to be filmed by the venue, and the material may be used for marketing purposes in the future.
  • If you leave the club, you won't be allowed back in. The security team operates on a no re-entry policy.
  • You can rent a towel directly from Ocean Beach Club, but you'll have to pay a ten-euro deposit and will only get it back once you return the towel. The club strictly prohibits anyone from leaving with the towels unless they have been bought in their onsite boutique store, which you'll have to show a receipt for.
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