What's Included
  • 10 min. stag arrest
  • 15 min. Strip Show
Night Life
Stag Arrest

It's Not Everyday You Get Arrested By The Woman Of Your Dreams!

Did someone call 911 in Ibiza? Prank your stag with the perfect arrest from a smoking hot policewoman who will teach him a lesson or two on how to behave and make sure he never breaks the law again.

Fill us in on where you're heading for the evening, whether it's a bar somewhere on the island or you're just chilling in the room. All of a sudden, an irresistible law enforcement agent will show up unannounced, asking for ID from some members of your group and letting you know that there has been a complaint. Following some back and forward conversations, she's suspicious of the stag and will have no other option but to arrest him for questioning. He'll be taken away to a private area to give him his punishment. Your imagination will be running wild, imagining what could be going on there.

You have the choice to make the strip show private or for the whole group to see. Since you're the best man organising it, we know you have the rest of the lads back on this one and will want to have a peak for yourselves.

The altercation between the police stripper and yourselves should last between eight and ten minutes, and then an additional fifteen minutes will be allocated for the stripe tease,

Our bossy policewoman can travel all over Ibiza (for hotels only), so notify us of your desired arrest location.

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