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Kalashnikov Extreme in Krakow

Kalashnikov Extreme in Krakow

What's Included

  • Friendly Female Guide
  • Return Minibus Transport
  • 45 shots on 4 weapons
  • Safety Equipment & targets
  • Professional instructors
  • Medal & bottle of Bubbly
  • Overview

Krakow Pissup proudly presents this heavy machine gun activity. You will not find a wider range of weapons anywhere else in Europe and with the help of former Special Forces soldiers you'll have a great opportunity to try them in person.

Not many shooting ranges around the world offer Kalashnikov (AK-47) or Heavy Machine Guns as special permits and facilities are required to handle the power. At this shooting range you can shoot different weapons including revolvers, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, semi-automatic, automatic machine guns and Russia's most famous export - Kalashnikov (the AK-47).

This extended pro package includes 5 warm up and 5 competition shots on 5.6mm Sport pistol, 15 arm-kicking shots on Police Favourite - 9mm Para Pistol, 5 shots on a powerful pump-action shotgun, and finally 15 thrilling Kalashnikov shots.

AK-47 Shooting in Krakow

Any crazy James Bond enthusiast can always buy extra shots and/or extra guns at discounted prices on-site. As an extra, when available, you can even get high-calibre weapons like the MPC used in Tony Montana's “say hello to my little friend” last stand in 'Scarface' (minus the grenade-function and all those Colombian assassins of course!).

As with all our activities, there are no hidden charges: the price includes comfy return transport, all the necessary equipment (ear and eye protection, targets, weapons), English-speaking shooting instructors and properly maintained weapons - all for your safety.

The range itself is located just outside Krakow, so a nice short ride in the minibus from your hotel with our friendly female guides. Just to add to the military training atmosphere the range is located in an old military fort, which is perfect for phone pics to remember the place where you had your initiation into the art of the gun.

There will be a competition to see who has the best aim (harder than you think!). But you won't be competing on how well you can fire off the Kalashnikov, which according to our super experienced guides, kicks like hell, and needs arms of steel to stop it from firing up when you pull the trigger.

Our English-speaking instructors are ex-soldiers who are passionate and know their guns. These guys will be at hand to guide you every step of the way. Everyone will have an instructor so that you are safe and know how to load and fire the guns. You will be firing one gun at a time and then switching, but there will be no rush. And the more time you take the better your aim will become! They might also give you tips on how to get the best shot (which will come in handy for the competition).

At the end of the event there will be a small medal ceremony for the winner and a bottle of bubbly. For obvious reasons you can't do this activity if you're leathered. But don't worry you party animals: afterwards, with the adrenaline flowing and your hangover cured you'll be ready to paint the town red all over again!

Ensure that your Krakow stag do is full of explosive memories by booking this unique experience today.

You'll have definately worked up a thirst after this activity, so why not book our Krakow brewery tour - which includes dinner plus beers (obviously!).

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