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Stag Arrest in Krakow

Stag Arrest in Krakow

What's Included

  • Guide
  • 2 Fake Police Officers
  • Fake Arrest
  • Pub reservation
  • 1 x Vodka Shot for everyone
  • Overview

Make the groom think he’s on a stag do from hell!

All is going great in Poland’s second city. No-one in hospital, no-one arrested until 2 undercover drug police officers grab your stag in a bar and cuff him for the bag of white powder in his pocket.

Your stag will think he is getting banged up abroad until the two police officers hand him a shot of vodka and reveal the joke.

More Info

This stag arrest prank is not for the faint hearted, so make sure he’s physically up to it beforehand! The “Arrest” prank takes around 15 minutes. Pub reservation and 1 shot of vodka each per person included in the price.

After this “scary” prank – why not give the stag a nice surpise? A Sexy Maid wake-up show should do the trick!

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