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Beer Bike in Lisbon

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What's Included
  • 60 min. Beer Bike Tour
  • Music
  • Insurance
  • 1 Hour Open Bar
Beer Bike
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Beer Bike in Lisbon - Experience The Madness!

All aboard the beer bike - combine sightseeing with beers (and exercise) for an afternoon of good times!

For lads coming to Lisbon on a stag weekend then, you'll want to see the sights of the city as well as have a good time. We'll come aboard the beer bike, and you can enjoy an hour of exercise in the sun while keeping hydrated with your favourite beers. The bike will be decked out with flashing lights and is equipped with a modern sound system, so you can blare your favourite tunes for some motivation.

This is the best way to get your exercise in!

What To Expect

To start getting your legs moving, you'll meet your captain at the departure point, which is at this address - Estacionamento Docas Ponte - Get there a few minutes early so you don't miss out on any drinking time.

We'll arrange the music, lights and booze, so you don't have to plan anything. Of course, we'll allow you to play your own tunes if you wish.

For the whole hour, your group will be treated to unlimited beer; yeah, you read that right! But please drink responsibly; we don't want to have to take a detour to the hospital.

Your captain knows all the best locations in the city and will navigate you to them safely so you can enjoy incredible views and see some of the most famous sights.

Every 15 minutes or so, the captain will make sure to stop in case anyone needs to go to the toilet, and so you get to see a good amount of attractions with the time you have.

Once the hour finishes up, you'll be directed back to the pick up point by the captain, so you can get dropped off and continue on the drinking elsewhere.

When Is This Tour Available?

We run our beer bike tours from 10 AM until 8 PM every hour every day. Sadly, we cannot change these times as the times are strictly selected due to local regulations.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Everyone on the bike must stay seated for the whole ride unless the driver permits the group to stand up.
  • Jumping down isn't allowed as it can be dangerous and cause a serious accident.
  • If one of your group members gets extremely drunk, the captain can stop serving alcohol to them, so please drink responsibly and avoid fooling around.
  • If someone in your group is acting dangerously and jeopardises the group's safety, the driver can stop the tour completely. This also goes for anyone showing disrespect towards the general public.

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Beer Bike in Lisbon

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All aboard the Lisbon beer bike - combine sightseeing with beers (and excercise) for an afternoon of good times!

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05. April 2024

Cycled across the riverbank in Lisbon

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