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Bubble Football in Lisbon

What's Included
  • 60 min. Bubble Football
  • Equipment & Safety Gear
  • Qualified Instructor
  • Insurance
Bubble Football

In Bubble Football, It's Not Just About Scoring Goals; It's About Bouncing Your Way To Victory!

Break a sweat with a game of bubble football for your stag party in Lisbon. Enjoy one full hour of living in the boots of Cristiano Ronaldo!

There's nothing more exhilarating than jumping into an inflated ball and kicking a football around a field while bouncing into your opposing teammates. It's not something you'd do every day, but it's a hell of a lot of fun.

Break up into two separate teams, jump into your bubble costume and score as many goals as you can before the final whistle blows after one hour.

Are you up for the challenge?

What To Expect

Your bubble football match will take place at one of the company's main fields in Lisbon, either the indoor Total Foot Restelo Estádio do Restelo or the outdoor Grupo Dramático Ramiro José. We will let you know which one it is closer to the time (the weather can impact the choice).

Both 5x5 fields have either natural or synthetic grass or futsal flooring. All of which are specifically designed for bubble football.

On the day, your group will be split up into teams of four. If your group is larger than eight, not to worry; we can rotate the teams every 20 minutes or so. There won't be any goalkeeper since the goals are quite small. If someone were to dive into the bubble costume, it would be impossible.

We'll provide all the bubble costumes for each of your group members. Let us warn you in advance that the game can get pretty tiring when you have the bubbles on, so the bigger your group is, the better, so you can substitute players in case someone ends up exhausted.

The bubble football game doesn't have too many rules, except for taking your bubble costume off on the pitch.

There will be a referee on the day to keep score and make sure nobody's cheating. Did you really think we were going to let a big group of lads at a bachelor party look after the scores? Not a chance!

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • The site where the bubble football pitch is doesn't have many facilities. Don't expect showers, changing rooms or a place to leave your belongings. Anything you bring with you on the day will have to be left on the sideline.
  • This activity is available to book every day upon request.
  • The bubble costumes are designed for when individuals collide with each other; they just bounce away, so nobody will get hurt.
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