What's Included
  • 10 min. Stag Arrest Prank
  • 15 min. Strip Show
Night Life
Stag Arrest

Even The Innocent Can Be Apprehended If They're Not Careful!

Add some extra banter to your mate's stag do in lesbian by booking our stag arrest prank. Watch a sexy stripper dressed in full police clothing give him the talking down he deserves for breaking the rules.

All of our worst nightmares is getting arrested in a foreign country at a bachelor party. But who said all arrests have to be bad?

Arrange a little surprise for your soon to be married buddy on his big weekend away. Lure him to a nearby bar where a police task force will show up unannounced and request the IDs of everyone there. Unfortunately, the groom's ID has been blacklisted, so the policewoman will have to take him away for some further inspection, and it's not going to be a clothed one!

You can pick whether you want the strip show to be in public, with the whole group having front row seats or in private for his eyes only. We already know what the answer will be to this one.

The arrest can be arranged wherever you like, whether you want the stripper to show up at your hotel or in a bar nearby, our sexy cops can travel all over Lisbon.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • We recommend giving yourselves 25 minutes for this activity, around eight to 10 minutes for the questioning from the police and then an extra 15 minutes for the strip tease, provided the lucky man can endure that.
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