What's Included
  • Table reservation
  • 3 x Starters to share
  • Steak each
  • Dessert each
  • Coffee each
Night Life
Steak Dinner

Good Friends, A Juicy Steak, And A Fine Bottle Of Wine - The Perfect Recipe For A Memorable Evening!

Nothing lights a man's face up more than a delicious slab of red meat. Book a steak dinner with Pissup for your stag do in Lisbon to get the party started.

We invite you for a yummy sit down steak dinner at one of our three partner restaurants in the Portuguese capital, all of which serve the same menu but offer a unique, gorgeous location.

What's Included On The Menu?

Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect.

  • Bread and butter
  • Marinated olives
  • Meat croquettes
  • Striploin steak
  • Caramel flan
  • Some coffee at the end for each person

Some Things You Should Be Aware Of About The Menu

  • Any drinks you would like on the day must be purchased from each individual at their own expense.
  • All of the steaks come with some "Portugália" sauce and a portion of fries.
  • There are some vegetarian options available for your group members. These include marinated olives, vegetable soup and vegetables "à Brás"
  • The restaurant also offers some vegan options, including marinated olives, vegetable soup and sautéed vegetables with rice.
  • If someone in your group doesn't want dessert, it can be swapped for seasonal fruits; this is the case for all restaurants.
  • All of the three restaurants are situated in Lisbon city centre and can easily be reached by public transport. You can select which one you want to visit upon booking.
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