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Sports Course in Paris

What's Included
  • 8 x Challenges
  • 150 min. Competitive Games
  • Referee
Treasure Hunts

The Greater The Obstacle, The More The Glory Overcoming It!

Put your friendships to the test and see how fit you are in Paris's exhilarating sports course, a place where stag parties fall apart!

Eight challenges, one hundred and fifteen minutes, and an abundance of competition; that's what the sports course is all about. Compete in numerous games, from archery to tic tac toe, and see who's the real alpha male. There will be no time for rest as every quarter of an hour, the game will change; you need to pick up as many points as possible before the final whistle blows.

It's going to be absolutely EPIC!

What To Expect

The sports course is situated close to metro line two, so finding a way there won't be an issue. There will be a specific meeting point on the day where the referee will meet you; it's close enough to the Royal Pavilion.

Before things get started, the referee will run through each game mode with you, give you the appropriate gear, and explain how you earn points.

Care to know what games you're going to play? We know you want to! Here they are :

  • Bubble Football: Suit up into big inflatable bubbles and play a game of football against each other.
  • Obstacle Course: Jump into a potato sack and race to the finish line before time runs out.
  • Kin Ball: An interesting take on football.
  • Archery: You know what to do, hit the bullseye.
  • Memory game: Find more pairs than the opposing team in a fun card game.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe: Finish the row before the other team.
  • Archery tag: A mix between paintball and archery, but even more fun.
  • Poteaux Koh-Lanta: Balance as long as possible on a set of poles to win the points.

A couple of bonus rounds will be added for some extra fun and last minute points. In order to win a complimentary bottle of champagne, your group must complete eight challenges; we know you can do it!

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • We accommodate groups bigger than 21. Please get in touch for the price.
  • Before the day of the activity, we'll send you the referee's phone number so you can contact them in case you get lost.
  • It's recommended you wear comfortable clothes and a pair of runners.
  • This is an active activity, so some decent level of fitness is required to get through it one piece.
  • Every fifteen minutes, the game will change to keep the excitement throughout.
  • The whole activity lasts roughly for two and a half hours. In that time, you'll have to try to get through as many game modes as possible.
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