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Stag Adventure Olympics in Paris

What's Included
  • Activities inspired by Koh Lanta
  • Competitive Games
  • Prize for winning team
  • Craziest activities (Insect tasting, tests of strength...)
Stag Olympics

The Olympic Games Is Where Those Fight For Their Lives!

Add some adventure to your stag party with Pissup's Paris Olympic challenge. Compete against each other in some of the world's top sports for gold medals.

It's not every day you get to participate in a global sporting event; it's not actually the Olympics, but more of a replica with double the competition.

Some of our challenges wouldn't be allowed at the real Olympics. One minute, you could be forced to eat insects. The next, we could be testing your strength in an all-out tug of war. Don't worry, though; we won't frighten you as much as we do in our escape room.

Your stag group will be separated into teams and then put to battle. Depending on which package you go for, we can get through three to five activities an hour; for two hours, we can fit between seven and ten activities. The faster you go, the more you get done. You'll be on the clock, gents.

Our team of sports instructors will be judging the whole competition, so there will be not even a slight chance you can cheat boys. We'll make sure the best team wins.

What Activities Are Included?

We have an extensive list of activities available for our Olympic Games. See below for some of them.

  • A tug-of-war match (also in water)
  • A weighted circuit relay (team members must complete a relay course with a weighted object like kettlebells)
  • A memory circuit relay
  • A round of insect/scorpions tasting
  • A quick round of guessing the mystery object
  • Underwater weight diving race
  • The human knot challenge
  • A blind obstacle race
  • A round of pole balance
  • Various no arms games!
  • A human pyramid round
  • A game of limbo

There are many more, too; you'll have to wait for the day to see what surprises are in store.

Where Will The Olympics Take Place

The Olympics is different to some of our other experiences. You can choose wherever you want it to take place between five options, including Parc de Bercy, Bois de Vincennes, Bois de Boulogne, Parc Montsouris, and Buttes Chaumont.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • If you have a location in Paris that you think is more suited than the options we've mentioned, please contact us and let us know. We might be able to change it for you.
  • The activities we've mentioned are some of what we offer, but the ones we'll play on the day will be published to you closer to the time.
  • If any of your group members are heavily intoxicated on the day, the instructor can stop the activity.
  • The weather may have an impact on this activity.
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