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Army Tank Experience in Prague

4.63/5 ( 16 reviews )
What's Included
  • Pissup Guide
  • Private Transport (Roundtrip)
  • 20 min. Guided Tour of Army Machinery
  • 20 min. BMP-1 Ride
Tank Driving
Landing Page

How Does Playing With Some Big Toys Sound Boys?

Fancy an army tank riding experience in Prague for your pal's stag do? Let a group of trained professionals teach you how to handle one of these beasts. Feel like you're part of an invading army as you ride in an awesome infantry vehicle! This is your chance to ride in a tank in Prague, living out your Cold War-era spy thriller fantasies!

Put the booze aside for a couple of hours and give your stag a once in a lifetime experience.

What To Expect

Your Pissup guide will meet you and your group at your hotel and explain how the wild day will unfold before the private transport arrives. The transport will take you to the military base, just outside Prague (1 hour of transport time).

Upon arrival, your group will be given a twenty minute individual tour of the complex, where they'll get to see the army tanks and have a peek inside to see what they're like. Before you know it, you'll be driving them yourselves.

Following your tour, your stag group will then be taken on a twenty minute ride around a huge course in a monstrous BMP-1 infantry armoured fighting vehicle. The vehicle can take up to a whopping twenty five people at any one time. It will really feel like you're heading into battle.

After your tank experience, your Pissup guide will take your group back to your hotel, where you can continue the celebrations for your friend getting married.


You can add an extra activity for the stag – he can drive the whole vehicle by himself for another fifteen minutes (after getting instructions, etc). Let's see how that goes.

There are other extras like ten rounds (blank) from UK-59 machine gun. The shooting takes up to extra 45 minutes. Sounds like a proper lads day out.

Please Note: you can't just purchase rounds for 1 person (i.e. 1x 20 rounds) it always has to be bought in bulk, for each person in the group!

If you add shooting you must be sober (zero tolerance for this!), and sign a disclaimer.

This is the option for groups of 9 - 11 people. You can choose different group sizes below.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Everyone in the group must listen to the guide. It's important for health and safety reasons, especially when it comes to the whole group being inside a high speed army tank.
  • Under no circumstances can anyone in the group be drunk or on any sort of drugs. The boozing can happen once you arrive back in the city centre.

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Army Tank Experience in Prague

Rated "Excellent" with 4.63/5 Based on 16+ reviews.

Fancy an army tank riding experience in Prague for your pal's stag do? Let a group of trained professionals teach you how to handle one of these beasts. 

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22. May 2023
by Yannick D.
07. May 2023
by Pauls J.
30. April 2023
by Thibault P.
16. April 2023
by Dario K.

Google Translated Was mega, unfortunately there was no possibility to buy drinks at our time because the locations were closed.

05. February 2023
by Roßner D.

Google Translated Just awesome

06. November 2022
by Alexander B.
21. August 2022
by Christian E.
24. July 2022
by Philipp G.

Google Translated It was very spectacular and a special experience

11. July 2022
by Pascal V.

Google Translated The tank driving was just great. Something so extraordinary was just great and we had a lot of fun.

10. July 2022
by Philipp V.

Google Translated hammer

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