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Card Games Evening in Prague

What's Included
  • Pissup Guide
  • 4 hrs. Private room hire
  • Tables for card games
  • 1 000 CZK bar voucher each
  • Private bar
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Casino Night
Night Life

Life Consists Not In Holding Good Cards But In Playing Those You Hold Well.

Book a card game evening in Prague for your friends' stag do today. Chance your luck to see who's the ultimate gambler in the group. Spend the evening battling it out in a multitude of card games, from poker to black jack. The games will kick off in the basement of the popular Tresor nightclub, where a poker table awaits you. To keep you boys focused, each of you will be given a couple of nice little drink vouchers. Too much booze may cost someone the game.

Pissup's card game evening in Prague is similar to a casino night, only you have the whole place to yourselves. What a way to kick off a wild weekend in the Czech capital for your buddy's stag party. 

What To Expect

Your Pissup guide will meet the stag party at either your hotel or an agreed upon location. They'll introduce themselves and give you a brief lowdown on how the activity will play out. Once that's over, it's playing time.

The card game evening will be held at Tresor Nightclub in an underground basement in a private room. Don't worry, it's a huge private lounge that fits over 120 people with a bar, dance floor, and private toilets, not like something you'd see in your grandparents' house.

Your Pissup guide will bring you to the venue, where a poker table will be waiting for you. The stag can decide which games he'd like to play, whether it's poker, black jack, or something else.

Once everyone is settled, each stag party member will be given drink vouchers that can be spent on any beverage they like at the bar. Try to refrain from getting too messed up if you want to win.

If anyone in the group is unfamiliar with the rules of any of the games, the Pissup guide can explain them before the game begins. 

The games are played for about four hours, then your group must leave the venue and you can venture to another bar around the city to continue the celebrations deep into the night.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • There are no real money bets in any of the card games. 
  • This stag do experience requires a minimum of ten people to go ahead. If there is less, an extra charge per person will be applied.

Add Ons To Make This Experience More Enjoyable

  • A catering service for the whole group to keep their bellies happy.
  • A DJ to play some tunes.
  • A female stripper for the lucky man.
  • A cheeky lesbian show with a vibrator.
  • A strip ping-pong show to get the lads excited.
  • A shemale strip show if the stag is into that.

What can you add?

Catering for private room
DJ for private rom
Female Stripper (Gold Fingers)
Lesbian show with vibrator (GF)
Strip ping-pong show
Shemale strip show
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