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Dog Chase in Prague

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Dog Chase in Prague

What's Included Gallery

  • 30 min. Playing Time
  • Pissup Guide
  • Qualified Instructor
  • Private Transport (Roundtrip)
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Dog Chase in Prague - no you won't be chasing dogs - they'll chase the stag, and try to tear him limb-from-limb!

Okay, it's all safe. The dog is well-trained. But the stag doesn't need to know that! Regardless this is the BEST stag prank in Prague... and all YOU have to do is watch, and laugh.

How it Works

BEFORE: You and your group will be taken to the venue. When you arrive, the stag gets instructions, safety rules, and tips (he'll need them).

THE DOG CHASE: After that the stag puts on a special protective suit, and gets ready to start. The mission is to run to the end of a track. However, it's not as easy a task as you'd think. After 3 seconds the dog handler will release an eager dog... who, don't worry, knows exactly what he has to do!

Then it's only between the stag and the dog. The dog obeys his trainer perfectly, but the trainer also has to let the dog dominate his prey for some time! So while the stag shouldn't be scared... he probably will be!

The stag will get a shot for surviving the chase!

This is the option for groups of 9 - 11 people. You can choose different group sizes below.

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unlimited beer

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