Foot Darts Prague (1)

Foot Darts Prague in Prague

Foot Darts Prague in Prague

What's Included

  • Special sticking balls & a giant 5 m dartboard - rent for 1 hour (including instructions)
  • Instructor
  • Guide
  • Private Return Transport
  • 1 beer or water each
  • Overview
  • Gallery

Foot Darts Prague - exactly what it says on the tin - aim and kick footballs at a MASSIVE dart board.

If you're looking for something unique and hilariously fun, you won't do much better than Foot Darts Prague. It combines the fun of a kick-a-bout with the concentration and skill of darts...except everything is on a massive scale!

Great as a prank, too. You can make the stag dress in a funny outfit, hang him on the board, and try your best to kick balls at him!

How it Works

TRANSPORT: Your group will be picked at your hotel by a guide, and taken via private transport to the venue.

ARRIVAL: When you arrive - you'll get all instructions for the game. At first they can try a few practice shots; then you'll learn how to play the game properly, and then you'll start playing. Total time of the game inc. instructions is 1 hour.

THE GAME: Organizer will be counting points and also taking the balls off the giant dartboard for the group.

You can try various scenarios. There is also a unique scenario, during which they pick the victim – usually the stag - and then the instructors hang him up to the centre of the dartboard, then the group can try to hit him with the balls!

Hanging the stag on the dartboard is the perfect prank/surprise! The organizer can also lend the stag a costume (for example costume of prisoner, etc.).

DRINKS: The group also gets 1 beer or water per person.

After the match, private transport takes the group back to their hotel.


Minimum people in each group is six. We'd recommend your group to come wearing shoes suitable for kicking, plus sportswear. There are locker rooms and showers at the place.

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