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FPV Monster Race in Prague

What's Included
  • 1 hr. Playing Time
  • VR Equipment
  • Beer(s) or Soft Drink(s) each
  • Pissup Guide

FPV Monster Race in Prague - a monster truck robot race where you'll enjoy a First Person Perspective via VR Goggles! - a truly high-octane way to experience the action!

It's not every day you get to try VR monster truck racing. Ideal for a unique activity on your kick a-- stag in Prague!

How it Works

BEFORE: Guide picks the group at agreed spot (e.g. hotel). helps them get to the arena at the agreed time. Arena is in the centre of Prague.

ON ARRIVAL: When the group arrives, YOU will get instructions (around 20 minutes) and can race for 1 hour. One race is for 3 laps and it lasts around 5 minutes in total. So you can get in a lot of single races during the 1 hour time.

THE RACE: The race is FPV = First Person View Experience with VR goggles and with remote-controlled models on an extensive racetrack.


The maximum number of racers who can race at a same time is six. If there are more people in the group you will have to be divided in two groups, and the organizers will help divide you up fairly for the races.

AFTERWARDS: You will get a beer or soft drink each.

After the race the guide takes the group back.

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