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FU Club Entry With Bar Vouchers in Prague

What's Included
  • Pissup Guide
  • Table reservation
  • 2 000 CZK Bar Voucher each
Night Club Entry
Night Life

Nonstop Partying Done Right With Pissup!

A night out in a cocktail club, lads? Join up with Pissup for your stag do at FU Club in Prague with free entry and drink vouchers for your group!

FU Club is one of Prague's hottest nightlife venues at the moment, and we're going to take you there to show you what a real party is all about.

One of our local bar guides will link up with you gents somewhere convenient in the city centre and take you to the venue to get the party started. You won't have to worry about waiting in the queue or having to pay any entrance fee because we've got that covered for you. Just walk straight in and pull up a seat at your own private table for the evening.

Your drink vouchers are available for all drinks behind the bar, from your favourite vodkas to the beers that your stag can't stand. Each person in your group will get their own tokens, and they can spend them as they wish throughout the night; this cuts out you having to fight each other to get your preferred beverages.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • It's perfectly fine for you all to stay in the club for the whole night after you've finished up your tokens; your reservation is until closing, so take your time and enjoy yourselves.
  • Between 5 and 15 people are required to confirm your reservation.

Other Options

FU Club With Standard Bottle Service

FU Club With Standard Bottle Service

  • Pissup Guide
  • Big box reservation
  • 0,7L or 1L bottle of alcocol
  • 5 cans of red bull or 2L of soft drinks
FU Club With Premium Bottle Service

FU Club With Premium Bottle Service

  • Pissup Guide
  • Big box reservation
  • 1,75L bottle of alcohol
  • 10 cans of red bull or 4L of soft drinks
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