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Hangover Breakfast in Prague

Hangover Breakfast in Prague

What's Included

  • Local Guide
  • Breakfast – Egg Sandwich served w/ a side of hash browns
  • 1 Tea or coffee per person
  • 1 Drink per person (Bloody Mary, Beer or Vodka with orange juice)
  • Overview

Hangover Breakfast in Prague – hair of the dog, Pissup-style!

Planning a hard night’s partying? Don’t worry about sore heads the following day…we’ve got the perfect thing for you: Fried food, caffeine, and alcohol! Our hangover breakfast is just the thing to get your energy up for round 2.

How it Works

Your group will be picked by a guide at an agreed spot (e.g. hotel), who’ll walk you to the restaurant. After you arrive, your breakfast will be ready in approximately 30 minutes.

The breakfast: Breakfast is served between 9 and 11 (yes, breakfast time!). Each person will be served with an egg sandwich – freshly baked ciabatta spread with mayonnaise on each slice, layered perfectly omelette, thick strips of bacon, fresh lettuce and tomato with a side of hash browns.

Each person gets one drink – Bloody Mary, Beer or Vodka with orange juice + tea or coffee.

Note: This activity is only available from May to September.

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