Heavy Caliber Shooting Prague

Heavy Calibre Shooting in Prague

Heavy Calibre Shooting in Prague

What's Included

  • Guide
  • Round trip private transport
  • Instructor
  • 10 x CZ 75 9mm pistol
  • 15 x AK-47 Assault Rifle
  • 15 x SA 58 Assault Rifle
  • 10 x UK 59 Machine Gun
  • 1 x 14.5mm Anti-Tank Rifle
  • Overview

Heavy Calibre Shooting in Prague: for a kick a-- shooting experience in Prague...except no substitute! This is the real deal.

Five different weapons - including some seriously heavy duty guns like assault rifles, machine gun, and anti-tank gun - and a whopping 51 bullets. If this doesn't blast away that hangover, nothing will.

Heavy Calibre Shooting in Prague is a classic stag activity, and it's a great hangover cure. Trust us. The adrenaline kick alone will sort you out for the rest of the day...and the night ahead (AKA round 2 of getting p-ssed!).

How it Works

Your fun local guide will meets you at your hotel, and wait with you for collection by private transport. The transport will take you outside Prague to Milovice (approximately 1 hour drive there and back), where the military safari is situated.

Upon arrival you will show your ID, sign disclaimer, etc - before the shooting begins!

The instructor will give you a demontration. Instructor speaks English only. You will get all the safety equipment like headset, glasses etc.

Then let the fun begin!

You can shoot one at a time 51 bullets from five guns:

10 x CZ 75 9 mm pistol 15 x AK 47 Assault rifle 15 x SA 58 Assault rifle 10 x UK 59 Machine gun 1 x 14.5 mm Anti Tank Rifle

After shooting you'll get 1 beer each, and the bus will take you back to Prague.

Please note: You must be sober (for obvious reasons) to shoot!

Activity Combo Ideas

After hitting the shooting range, and returning to Prague...you'll want to get leathered! But wait...do you want to be face down at the bar, clocking out early. Or do you want to be a stag do weekend warrior and party it up into the small hours? YES?

Steak & T-ts is just the thing for you. It's simple concept really: first enjoy a delicious steak dinner, followed by a private strip show for dessert. It's constiently one of our most popular activities!

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