Human Table Football Prague (7)

Human Table Football Prague in Prague

Human Table Football Prague in Prague

What's Included

  • Human table football game for 1 hour (including instructions)
  • 1 beer or water each
  • Instructor
  • Private Transport
  • Guide
  • Overview
  • Gallery

Human Table Football Prague - have a table football style kick-a-bout with a massive twist: you'll replace the figurines!

The human table football is played in a big, 10 metre long arena. It really is a unique activity - great to do if you're a bit hanging after the night before. Get those competitive juices flowing, shoot, and score!

How it Works

THE TRANSPORT: Your group is collected by private transport and a guide at their hotel, and taken to the venue. When you arrive: an experienced organizer will get you into position on the pitch, and explains the rules of the game.

THE FUN: you start playing human table football! Total time of the game inc. instructions is 1 hour. The organizer acts as a referee and he also throws the balls into the arena.

THE GAME: You will be divided into two teams who play against each other. You have to hold the bars for the whole time and in order to move, the teammates holding the same bar will also have to move.

That means one thing - teamwork is crucial in this game.

AFTERWARDS: Cool down with a nice cold beer (or water) per person.


We recommend a group to come wearing some shoes suitable for kicking, plus sportswear. There are locker rooms and showers at the place.

After the match, private transpor will take group back to your hotel.

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