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Lesbian Show With Food + Drink in Prague

What's Included
  • Pissup Guide
  • 4 hrs. Private room hire
  • Private bar
  • 1 000 CZK bar voucher each
  • 3 x Minischnitzel each
  • 50 g Pickles each
  • Unlimited bread
  • 120 g Cheese and sausage platter each
  • Chocolate fountain for fruit dipping
  • 150 g Mix of pineapple, mandarin, banana and grapes each
  • 4 x Canapes each
  • 20 min. Lesbian Show with Vibrator
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Prepare Yourselves For The Show Of Your Lives

Satisfy all your stag's senses at a lesbian show in an exclusive private room with a feast of food and drink included. The Prague Sensation Room is where every man goes to fulfil the fantasies he's thought about his whole life. It's located in the Tresor Nightclub, which on the outside seems like a standard nightclub, but below lies a secret. Waiting for your party will be a delicious feast, including the likes of mini schnitzels, cheese and sausage, and a chocolate fountain. To wash it all down, each of you will receive a drink voucher to spend behind your very own private bar. Once the starters are done, then it will be time for your main course: an action packed lesbian show including two sexy local women who will be using their own vibrators on each other. Yes, you read that correctly; this is going to be one hell of a show that will surely have the man getting married in a couple of months sweating.

The lesbian vibrator show in Prague is a once in a lifetime experience and another one of Pissup's well sought after stag do activities.

What To Expect

A Pissup guide will meet your group at either the hotel you're staying at or an agreed-upon location around the city centre. They will introduce themselves and give you all a brief overview of what to expect at the lesbian show. Try to contain your excitement, boys.

The Pissup guide will bring your group to the popular Tresor Nightclub, where the show will commence. This show will be exclusively for your group in a private room below the club. It's hidden away from everywhere else in the nightclub, so don't worry about any tagalongs chancing their arms. It's specifically for your eyes only.

Your private room is huge. One hundred and twenty people can fit inside, so you'll have plenty of space to yourselves. It will have a private bar equipped with a bartender who will look after the group for the duration of the activity. Your group has the option of either playing your own music through the room's sound system or you can opt to hire a private DJ to play the music for you. Hit the floor and move your hips to the beats , or just sit around and have a chat at the bar.

Each person in the group will receive a drink token that can be spent on whatever they like behind the bar. Spend them wisely, because once they're gone, you'll have to use your own money to buy something.

Once everyone has settled in, a wide range of food options will be brought out to satisfy your hunger before the big show kicks off. There's plenty to go around so try hold yourselves back from looking like caged animals.

Here's what you'll be fed :

  • Three mini schnitzels each
  • Fifty grammes of pickles each
  • Unlimited bread
  • One hundred and twenty grammes of cheese and sausage each
  • One hundred and fifty grammes of pineapple, mandarin, banana and grapes each
  • A chocolate fountain to dip your fruit into
  • Four canapes each

If you manage to get through all of that food, we will be extremely impressed.

After those bellies of yours are filled to the brim, it's now time for the moment you have all been waiting for. The guide will introduce the two ladies who will perform one of the raunchiest lesbian shows you have ever seen right in front of your eyes. Two of the sexiest local women using vibrators on each other. The shaking action will last for twenty minutes.

In total, the room hire is for four hours. Once that time is up, you must leave, but you can continue your antics at another club in the city.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Stag Activity

  • You will not be allowed to touch any of the women performing unless the experience is ordered as a contact one. Hands off, lads, you heard it.
  • The women performing set the rules. Every stag party member must abide by them.
  • The group is allowed to take pictures of the performance, although sometimes the women will request that you don't record their faces. Listen to what they say.

Add Ons To Make Your Stag's Experience More Enjoyable

  • Hire a DJ to perform for the first couple of hours before the girls get to the action.
  • Hire a female stripper to make the stag question why he's getting married.
  • A stripping ping pong show for the whole group. Wear your helmets, lads.
  • A shemale strip show, in case your stag has other types of fantasies on his mind.

What can you add?

DJ for private rom
Female Stripper (Gold Fingers)
Strip ping-pong show
Vibrator show
Shemale strip show
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