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Paintball Combat in Prague

Paintball Combat in Prague

What's Included

  • Local guide
  • Facility for up to 2 hours
  • All Equipment.
  • 100 Paint balls Each
  • 1 Beer / Soft Drink Each
  • Round Trip Private Transport
  • Overview
  • Gallery

Paintball Combat in Prague - time for paintball war in the Czech capital!.

If you bruise like a peach, this one’s not for you, otherwise target your mates’ plums and open fire!

All gear, field, 100 bullets per person, and one beer each is included in this high-octane, adrenaline-pumping activity.

The Ultimate Paintball in Prague Experience

Paintball war, what is it good for? Absolutely getting your revenge – sing it again! This all year round activity is highly popular with stag dos. And you can see why: once you and the lads have put on your army style overalls, donned the goggles and have the easy to handle paintball guns in your hands it’s going to be on like Donkey Kong.

Any scenario you want to re-enact from video games like ‘Call of Duty’ will be available. Whether it’s capture the flag, castle or death match – you’ll be able to prove yourself in armed combat, in complete safety of course. Depending on the weather and availability there are both outdoor and indoor locations. You’ll be able to play guerrilla warfare, using cars as cover, or ambush your enemies from behind makeshift walls. Indoors there are just as many cool obstacles like walls, figures and nets – whichever way you get to do paintballing with us you’ll have an awesome adrenaline-fuelled time.

The guns themselves are made of metal and plastic, so are easy to handle. But remember they are gravity loaded so keep them upright – this isn’t ‘Bad Boys 2’! Also you might want to consider some padding round your Crown Jewels – we shouldn’t need to say why!

How it Works

Your fun friendly guide will collect you and take you via private transport to the paintball field at an agreed time.

When your group arrives, you'll get instruction from a professional instructor (speaking in English, obviously!). You will get safety gear (mask, pads, gloves etc.)...and most importantly: paintball gun + gas + 100 bullets!

More Info

There are 7 fields which your group can try during the 2 hours. Both indoor and outdoor. The indoor areas are old buildings with no central heating or lights!!!

Unlike the other shooting-style activities, you can enjoy a beer before, during and after the paintball session. Although please note: while a beer or two is fine, you cannot be drunk and take part in this activity.

You will get a beer (or a soft drink), which you can consume before, during a break, or after - it's up to you! You can buy beer and soft drinks for cash (EUR or CZK) on the spot.

After the game the guide will take your group back to the hotel via private transport.

Note: the indoor areas are not lit during the winter months, but it's still possible to play in them - but your pick up must be at 2:30 at the latest, as it will be dark by 5pm.

For stag dos paint-balling in Prague is extremely popular: so book today to avoid disappointment.

What about shooting real guns? Well book our Prague Shooting activity and you can try weapons used in the movies like the awesome AK!

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