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Pitbikes Racing in Prague

What's Included
  • Pissup Guide
  • Meet and greet with personal instructor
  • 30 min. Gearing up
  • Integral helmet each
  • Technical underwear each
  • Leather motorbike overall each
  • Balaclava each
  • Towel each
  • lockers and showers with towels and amenities
  • 5 min. Safety briefing
  • Pitbike each
  • 30 min. Pitbike training
  • 4 x Rides on Pitbike track
  • Beer or Redbull each
  • Qualified Instructor
  • Leather motorbike boots each
  • Leather motorbike gloves each

Put Your Helmets On Boys Because It's Time To Racing

Does your stag group have the need for speed? Experience pit bike racing in Prague to kick off the great weekend ahead. Broom, broom, let's go. Let an experienced instructor teach you and the boys the ropes of bike racing before you hit the course yourselves to see if you have what it takes to ride a bike of your own.

What To Expect

Your Pissup guide will meet your group at your hotel to explain the day's events, and then they will travel together by private car to the pitbike racing track.

The arena is in a former train depot, so it offers a lot of space for you all to learn. Your experienced personal instructor will meet the group and introduce themselves.

The first thing you will learn about are the pit bikes and how they work. Pitbike is about 3/4 the size of a regular motorcycle and is powered by electricity. A pit bike has a top speed of 120 km/h. The next thing is gearing up. The instructor will help every client choose their own clothes. They will get an integral helmet, a leather motorcycle overall, leather boots, leather gloves, technical underwear under the overall, a balaclava, and a towel. All to keep you safe and comfortable.

After that comes "gearing up." Clients will proceed to the locker room, where they will be able to leave their belongings and prepare all equipment. Gearing up usually takes 20 to 30 minutes, since clients must first choose their sizes and there are a lot of layers and protective gear to put on. Once gearing up is finished, the group meets with their instructor again, and they will do a safety briefing about how to behave on track, how to properly ride a pit bike, etc.

Now the fun begins. Clients will take their pit bikes, and training will start. During training, clients will learn how to ride a pit bike, including:

  • Correct pitbike body position
  • Head entering the turn
  • Body leaning into the turn
  • How to work with the pit bike's lean and speed

The instructor will devise fun drills that will put the pitbike riders' skills to the test. Training is happening outside the main track. The training lasts about 30 minutes. 

The training group will then go to the track. The first ride is with the instructor to get familiar with the track. Next, clients go alone, and their time is measured. The final ride can be done as a race, but it is not required. Every ride lasts 7 minutes. During the program, clients usually go on 4–5 rides.

After 4-5 rides, clients return their pit bikes and change back into their regular clothes. Clients can use showers after rides, if needed. Finally, each will receive either Red Bull or beer to celebrate your survival.

Once the activity is over, your Pissup Guide will take you back to the hotel your stag group is staying at.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Experience

  • There is a 0 tolerance for alcohol on this activity. No drinking and driving, lads.
  •  Your group will sign a disclaimer before taking part in this activity, stating that they go driving willingly and are aware of all the risks.
  •  There is a chance some of your group's members will fall from the pit bike; if that happens, the usual injuries are bruises and small cuts. Not too bad, right?
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