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Pork Knee Restaurant Experience in Prague

5/5 ( 2 reviews )
What's Included
  • Pissup Guide
  • Table reservation
  • Roasted chracklings
  • 2 x Homemade chips with chilli mayonaise
  • 2 x Pork knee with horseradish and mustard
  • Pork BBQ ribs
  • 2 x Butcher sausage
  • 2 x Homemade potato pancake with sour cabbage
  • Salad of fresh cabbage
  • 2 x Bread
  • 90 min. Unlimited beer
Pork Knuckle Meal
Food & Drink

Life should taste as good as pork

Men love nothing better than a good slab of meat to fill them up before a wild night out in the town. But this isn't just any night out; it's your mate's bloody stag do, so you have to go all out for him and make sure he has the time of his life. Book yourselves a seat in Pork's Restaurant in Prague to experience a serving of this delicious delicacy, pork knee, and wash it all down with an icy, fresh Czech beer. This is a dish that, after you try it, you'll be dreaming about for years to come.

What To Expect

Your Pissup guide will meet your stag group at your hotel and take you to the appetizing Pork's Restaurant in Prague, which specializes in mouth watering pork-based dishes. You and your boys are in for one of the tastiest meals of your lives.

As you arrive, you'll take your seats and wait for the chef to prepare everybody their very own pork knee. Each group member will also be served a total of three ice cold Czech beers throughout their meal. So you'll have something to keep you occupied while your pork delicacy is being whipped up.

Before you know it, the dish you have been waiting for will be served to you. Each plate contains a huge piece of succulent pork knee with a side of crispy bread and some horseradish and mustard sauce for some added taste. By God, you lads are in for a treat.

Once your bellies are full of pork and beer, you can either leave the restaurant or stay for some more beverages with your own cash to keep the night going until the early hours.

What You Should Know Before Booking The Pork Knee Restaurant Experience

  • Make sure everybody in your group doesn't eat too much before the meal. The pork knee portion is massive. Nobody wants to waste any type of food, but to waste pork knee would be a crime in itself.
  • Pork's restaurant dress code is casual. There's no need for anybody to be suited and booted unless you want to make the stag stick out like a sore thumb. Sounds like a fun idea right?
  • If you're group is more than twenty people, you can change the pork knee to a pork strip upon request. Please contact Pissup for more details.

Pork Knee Restaurant Experience in Prague

Rated "Excellent" with 5/5 Based on 2+ reviews.

Head out for a delicious pork-knee dinner in Prague for your mate's stag do. You're in for some tasty food, chilled beers, and a great night out.

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