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Prime Steak Degustation Dinner in Prague

4.5/5 ( 4 reviews )
What's Included
  • Pissup Guide
  • 200 g Rib eye steak each
  • 200 g Fillet Mignon each
  • 2 x Various sauces
  • Jacket potato with sour cream, cheddar and spring onion (side dish)
  • Grilled green beans wrapped in bacon (side dish)
  • glass of beer or wine
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Steak Dinner
Food & Drink

After A Heavy Night On The Booze, All A Man Needs Is A Juicy Steak In His Belly.

Steak is something every man adores. Does your stag need a good feed before he's set free on the city of Prague? Enjoy a prime steak degustation dinner in one of the Czech capital's top steakhouses. He'll be able to choose how he wants it cooked, have delicious sides like some jacket potatoes and sauces for added flavour, and get some beer to wash it all down. This meal will surely be the highlight of his last weekend off the leash.

A good meal is an important part of bringing everyone together who's made the effort to head to a foreign country for a friend's stag. And what makes it better is that you can all head out on the lash after the food is done.

What To Expect

Your Pissup guide will pick you and your group up from your hotel and bring you to the location where the steak degustation dinner will commence. Let's hope you haven't eaten too much because you're in for the feast of your lives.

The stag group will enter the restaurant and take a seat at your reserved table. Soon after, a waiter will approach each person and offer them the choice of three chilled local beers or two glasses of either white or red wine, as well as ask how they want their steak cooked. Fancy right?

After a short while, your drinks will be served at your table along with the steak you all ordered a couple of minutes later. Every person will get 2 x 200 g steaks (rib eye and fillet mignon), 3 sauces from the current offer, and 2 side dishes (jacket potatoes and green beans).

Once your group's bellies are filled to the brim with some juicy steak, you can either stay in the steakhouse and order some more drinks with your own money, or head on elsewhere to another bar in the city.

The restaurant is located at Prague 1, so you'll be right beside all of the action.

What You Should Know Before Booking The Prime Steak Degustation Dinner

  • Make sure everyone in the group avoids eating before the meal. Each person gets a total of 400 grammes of meat each. That's a lot of steak you don't want to be leaving behind.
  • Please make sure no one in the group arrives drunk.

Add Ons Your Stag Might Enjoy

  • Max steakhouse: whiskey degustation - Why have just steak when you can all have some whiskey to complement it? 
  • 180 minutes PT tickets - round trip PT ticket.

Other Options

Big Burger Experience

Big Burger Experience

  • Pissup Guide
  • Burger each
  • Homemade french fries
  • Coleslaw salade
  • glass of beer or wine
BIG Steak Experience

BIG Steak Experience

  • Pissup Guide
  • Sauce
  • Side Dish each
  • New York strip steak each
  • glass of beer or wine

What can you add?

Max steakhouse - Whisky degustation
180 minutes PT tickets - round trip PT tickets

Prime Steak Degustation Dinner in Prague

Rated "Excellent" with 4.5/5 Based on 4+ reviews.

Is that stag of yours a fan of a good cut of red meat? Book him a prime steak degustation dinner in Prague on his last weekend of being a free man now.

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