Shooting With Rambo in Prague
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Shooting With Rambo in Prague


Rated  9.5/10 by our customers.

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What's included

  • Local Guide
  • Return Public Transport
  • 4 Different Guns
  • 35 Bullets Each
  • All Safety Equipment
  • English Speaking Instructor


Find out who the group's sharp shooter is with a trip to the best gun range in the Czech capital. Our local guide will meet you at your hotel before travelling with you to the range in the city centre.

On arrival you will be shown a full instruction film before you get to grips with the shooters! 3-4 people each shoot the four weapons before the next round of shooters can begin.

It is more than acceptable to take photos with the weapons as professional staff are on hand to provide a safe environment.

Guns & Bullets included - 22 Calibre x 10 Shots, CZ 9mm x 10 Shots, Glock 9mm x 10 Shots, Glock 21 45 Calibre x 5 Shots.

The Experience

All men secretly want to fire a handgun, but UK gun laws being what they are, it is next to impossible to get your hands on Hollywood style weapons back home. But shooting guns in Prague is easy - so you can play the action hero till your hearts content. At the awesome indoor range we take you to you'll get to see some of the most familiar guns, but the difference is you'll get to handle them yourself. Each set of guys shooting all four guns takes about 30 minutes. Progressing from small calibre pistols to the Glock 21 you are guaranteed to leave with a grin from ear to ear.

After our highly professional instructors take you up in threes, they will show you how to handle each weapon which you'll fire one after the other. And after you've finished firing all your rounds, you can take your target home with you as a souvenir. At the end you'll also be able to pose with the guns like real East End gangsters (safely of course).

Extra Info

Extra ammunition and a range of weapons will be available if you want to pay for more, but during the high season this is subject to availability. If you really feel like the Glock isn't enough you can, for extra, try out the weapon that has been described as the perfect gun: the Scorpio Evo 3. This third generation Uzi is great to handle and has near-perfect accuracy at 20 metres distance. Check back in the near future, as we may be able to add this as an extra when you book with us, before you get to the range.

If competitions your thing then ask at the range and you can see who has the crack shot with any of the four handguns, or even with the Scorpio.

Unlike some other ranges, which are out in the middle of nowhere, our range is located in the city centre. It takes about 15 minutes to get there and 15 minutes to get back. So it won't take a big chunk out of your day (or your drinking time!). Our super friendly guides will take you there from your hotel.

This is a highly popular activity so book today to avoid disappointment.

NOTE - Drinks are not included but a selection of nice beers and refreshments can be ordered at range bar. Alcoholic drinks only AFTER Shooting.

If you like the idea of shooting guns - why not shoot each other... (okay not with real bullets!) try our Prague Indoor Paintball and make sure you leave the stag with some real bruises.

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Ready to get pissed? Get in touch - call us on 020-7060-7060

Ready to get pissed? Get in touch - call us on 020-7060-7060