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Succulent BBQ Ribs in Prague

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Succulent BBQ Ribs in Prague

What's Included
  • 1 portion of BBQ Ribs each
  • 2 Beers or 2 Glasses of Wine each
  • 1 portion of Fries each
  • Pissup Guide
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Night Life

BBQ Ribs Dinner in Prague – enjoy a fantastic meal of bbq ribs and fries - eating may be cheating, but you'll need to if you want to last the mad stag night ahead!

This is the best way to start a night of drinking: eating a tasty, filling meal at a nice restaurant...ideal before you start your Prague P-ssup.

Not only will you get ribs and fries, but there will be beer too! Enjoy!

How it Works

Your group will be picked by a guide at an agreed spot (usually your hotel), and taken, on foot, to the restaurant. After you are seated, your ribs will be ready in approximately 30 minutes.

You’ll be served Succulent BBQ Ribs served with fries, and 2 beers each (alternative you can have 2 glasses of wine). You eat, drink and should be finished in around 2 hours.

What can you add?

Extra beer (Jáma)
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