Fake Bungee Jump in Prague
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Fake Bungee Jump in Prague

What's included

  • Local Guide
  • Instructor
  • Fake Bungee Jump
  • Private Transport


Fake Bungee jump – a top stag do prank!

Make the stag believe that he’s going for a blindfolded bungee jump…but then instead of jumping off a bridge he falls into a pool of ice water!

How it Works

You will be picked up by private transport and your guide at your hotel.

Your group (and guide) will explain to the stag that he is going to do blindfolded bungee jump from a bridge (this should be explained before your arrival into Prague).

The guide (or a member of the group) blindfolds the stag on the way to the place. When you arrive the stag will be lead by instructor to the edge of a small pool.

Instructor will prepare stag as if he is really about to jump from a bridge – with rope, instructions etc.. After this the stag “jumps” into a pool of ice water!

There are locker rooms and showers which stag can use after the jump.

Then private transport will take your group back to their hotel.

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