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Ultimate Stag Arrest in Prague

Ultimate Stag Arrest in Prague

What's Included

  • Local Guide
  • Table reservation
  • Stag Arrest – 2 policemen and a car
  • Strip Show
  • 1 beer each for up to 11 people (above 11 people, it will be necessary to add extra beers)
  • 1 shot for the stag
  • Overview

The Ultimate Stag Arrest prank – we’ll help you give the stag the shock of his life (followed by a sexy strip show!)

How it Works

Your guide will meets you at your hotel and brings you to the restaurant.

A table will be reserved and each person gets 1 beer per person (for up to 11 people, above 11 people, it will be necessary to add extra beers). Then 2 “policemen” show up, check the stag’s documents and arrest him! Then they take the stag with them outside and they put him to the car. They blindfold him and pretend to take him to the police station. In reality: they bring him back to the restaurant to a private room where a stripper is waiting! The stag enjoys a 15 minutes strip show, and a shot of a stiff drink to survive the shock!

Please – The stag arrest “problem” needs to be agreed with best man some time before the activity.

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