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VIP Club Night - Private Lounge in Prague

VIP Club Night - Private Lounge in Prague

What's Included

  • Local Guide
  • VIP Entrance
  • VIP private lounge reservation and service
  • Free Drinks Consumption up to 22.500 CZK
  • Overview

VIP Club Night in Prague – have a boozy VIP night out in the Czech Capital.

Coming to Prague for a stag weekend? Thinking about where to go on a night out? Well, relax: we’ve got everything covered. Entry to a top club in Prague, queue jump, drinks, and private lounge reservation. You’ll be like Rock Stars on Tour!

How it Works

The guide will pick you up at an agreed spot (e.g. your hotel). They will take you to the club, on foot or via public transport (price not included) at the agreed time.

When you arrive at the club, you’ll skip the queue and go straight to the reception. A hostess will take you to the lounge (max. 15 people). The lounge is private, with its own bathroom, but is open to the club’s main area.

You will be able to choose from of all kinds of drinks up to the value of 22.500 CZK (880 EUR) per lounge.

More Info

There is a waiter/waitress to take care of them. The guide will stay for up to 4 hours with your group.

The club is open Friday and Saturday from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. There is only 1 lounge of this kind in the club. Always request in advance!

Please note: There is a dress code - smart casual - that means no funny stag costumes!

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