Wellness & Spa in Prague
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Wellness & Spa in Prague


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What's included

  • Local Guide
  • Private Transport
  • Entry to Wellness, Pools & Saunas for 3 Hours


A great R&R in a Spa & Wellness centre to recover from the night before at a spa resort just outside the city. Spa includes countless variations of saunas, whirlpools, steam baths and aroma showers.

Even Finns would be surprised to see how varied our Sauna World is! You can find 14 different heating rooms there, designed for pleasant, luxurious and unconventional sauna. The area is divided into three notional parts – classical Finnish saunas, Roman spa and an outdoor section. For cooling, you can use a number of special showers and cold plunge pools; for relaxation, we recommend whirlpools or relaxation zones with deck chairs.

Detoxification of the organism – the heat opens skin pores and brings out harmful substances. Improvement of blood circulation and increase of the resistance of organism against common cold. Beneficial cosmetic effects on the skin, it strengthens and heals.

Note: Guide and private transport will pick up your group from the hotel and take you to the resort/spa. You will get access to the wellness centre & spa for 3 hours.

Please, note that the Sauna World features what is referred to as a mixed zone – the whole area is shared by men and women.

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Ready to get pissed? Get in touch - call us on 020-7060-7060

Ready to get pissed? Get in touch - call us on 020-7060-7060