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Beach Club Pool Party + VIP Table in Mallorca

What's Included
  • VIP sofa reservation
  • 300 min. Daytime pool party
  • Credit on drinks or food

Party Hard Along The Mediterranean!

Soak up the sun's rays in style at one of the hottest beach club parties in Mallorca for your bachelor party. Enjoy full VIP status with a private table and food and drink tokens!

Get access to one of Mallorca's most exclusive beach clubs hosting the wildest party of the decade, featuring amazing cocktails, world class DJs, and outstanding views of the Mediterranean Sea in the distance. You might even see some celebrities if you're lucky.

With our package, your squad will receive your own VIP table, ideal for getting the lady's attention, as well as some food and drink tokens to kick the party into gear.

The fun never stops with Pissup.

Party Themes

Ocean Beach Club has a different theme for each day. Let's see which one tickles your fancy.

Monday: Exotic Tuesday: Olympus Wednesday: Fiori Party Thursday: Space Friday: 90' Anthems Saturday: Boho Sunday: Full moon party

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Ocean Beach Club is open between 12 PM and 8 PM, but you must arrive before 2 PM.
  • Fancy dressing or mankinis aren't allowed.
  • Unfortunately, the beach club doesn't have a large storage area, so all of your bags and belongings must remain in the VIP area.
  • Towels can be rented on the day, and they have to be returned before you leave.
  • One of the beach club's staff members will notify your group when your food and drink credit has run out.
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