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Go Karting in Mallorca

4/5 ( 1 reviews )
What's Included
  • 60 min. Karting competition
  • Ekarts
  • 3 x Race
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Accelerate As Hard As You Can!

3,2,1 let's go! Feel that kick while you squeeze the last km/h out of the electronic go kart at maximum speed. Book for a stag do today in Mallorca.

Feel the adrenaline while driving the electric kart on a technically challenging indoor track famed all over Mallorca. Learn from a professional how to operate these high powered vehicles before hitting the course for yourselves to determine who is the ultimate driver in the group.

What To Expect

The go karting track is situated around 20 minutes from Palma. You can either take a taxi there or we can arrange a private return transfer to the arena. Contact us for more information.

Beforehand, you'll receive eight minutes of training so that you can get used to the karts and get a feel for the handling before the big race at the end.

After practice, the classification comes: accelerate for another 8 minutes to get the best starting position (and measure a few first lap times). Once the starting positions have been decided, it's time to get down to business: the race. Accelerate as much as possible and brake as much as necessary. Speed is useless if you hit the rubber tires in the curve. May the best win!

The final race will be ten laps in total, with a traffic light start and grid position based according to the qualifying race times.

Eight people can ride the track at the same time during each race. If your group is larger than eight, we can arrange for you to have two rounds rather than swapping and some people missing out on precious racing time. You will spend around 60 minutes on the route, but you should plan a little over an hour for the activity in total.

Have you got any plans for after? Undoubtedly, your adrenaline levels will still be extremely high, so to brush them off, allow Pissup to organize your stag party to stop by one of the island's top strip clubs, known for having only the sexiest ladies. Grab yourselves a drink, find a decent seat and watch the ladies bump and grind off the pole.

Add Ons Your Stag Might Enjoy On The Day

In addition to the races, it is possible to add the following:

  • Events room rental. You choose how you want to use it, and we'll give you a price beforehand.
  • Catering: with typical Mallorcan gastronomy and open bar. Food includes assorted salty cocoas (trampó, vegetables and peppers), panadas, and cocarrois. Sweets - assorted ensaimadas (cream, chocolate…), cremadillos, crespells.

Go Karting Available Times

  • Monday to Friday - from 2 pm to 9 pm.
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays - from 11 am to 10 pm.

Go Karting in Mallorca

Rated "Excellent" with 4/5 Based on 1+ reviews.

3,2,1 let's go! Feel that kick while you squeeze the last km/h out of the electronic go kart at maximum speed. Book for a stag do today in Mallorca.

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05. June 2023

Google Translated Indoor electric karting, a very nice discovery. Friendly and efficient staff. It may lack the "animation" side for the spirit of competition but it's a detail!

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