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Stag Arrest in Mallorca

What's Included
  • 10 min. stag arrest
  • 15 min. Strip Show
Night Life
Stag Arrest

Do You Know A Groom Who Has Been Misbehaving?

Has your stag been a naughty boy? Well, we have just the punishment for him. Book our bachelor arrest experience to teach him a lesson he'll never forget.

Team up with Pissup to pull off the prank of the year on your pal who's getting married. An attractive uniformed police lady will pull up on your squad and ask for everyone to show their ID. After some back and forth with her after she has accused your stag of breaking the law, she'll have no other choice but to arrest him. What's his punishment? Only a sexy strip tease, of course. That doesn't seem like a bad punishment, right?

What To Expect

We'll get in touch with you beforehand to arrange a location for our fake policewoman to show up. We strictly stick to our client's private accommodation only. All we ask is for you to ensure there's a space for her to perform her punishment. After all, we couldn't have him getting off with a slap on the wrist.

We recommend you keep the surprise from your stag. It always works better that way and adds to the suspense. His face will be priceless when he thinks he will be locked into a cell for the night.

Set the scene; you lads mind your own business either in a bar or your hotel room, and a drop dead gorgeous policewoman approaches your group. She'll begin to ask various group members for their identification, including the bachelor. You'll be accused of something that's clearly not true, but to her, she's pretty convinced. All of a sudden, the handcuffs are out. The groom to be is under arrest for the suspicion of being a bold boy. Now he's going to pay for his sins by receiving a steamy strip tease from our cop. Let's see who's a rule breaker now.

The questioning from the cop lasts between eight and ten minutes, and then the strip show lasts for 15 minutes, so buckle up, boys; it's going to be one hell of a ride.

No doubt, after all the erotic fun, you'll want to continue on the partying. Why not book our party bus? Think of pumping tunes, smoke machines, flashing lights, and endless booze. Enjoy a one hour cruise across the island on our rolling disco. Book today!

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • You can choose whether the strip tease happens in front of the whole group or in private for the bachelor to enjoy on his own.
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