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Social Match Game Night in Stuttgart

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Social Match Game Night in Stuttgart

What's Included
  • 90 min. Playing Time
  • Qualified Instructor
  • 120 min. Table reservation
Team Challenges

Did You Really Thinks That Naughty Thing You Did Last Week Wasn't Going To Get Out?

Get the boys together for a game of Social Match. One of Pissup's hottest stag do activities in Stuttgart that contains lots twists and dirty secrets.

Social Match is a hit game in many German cities. It combines the elements of Monopoly as well as taboo subjects like your past erotic experiences. Explicit, we know, but lots of fun. Come by the table, follow the instructor, and get involved in a game where your group will tell all. Of course, there will be plenty of drinking involved too.

Let's do this!

What To Expect

Social match is held at a trendy bar in Stuttgart's city centre. It's connected to a couple of types of public transportation, so you shouldn't have any challenges getting there.

A qualified instructor will be waiting for your bachelor party at the bar and will give you a welcome drink when you arrive to calm the nerves. Nobody ever told any secrets sober, did they?

Once everyone has arrived, it's time for the games to commence. The instructor will give you an explanation of the rules of the game. It's played similarly to Monopoly, only with a twist. There are some taboo subjects in there, so imagine landing on a section and being told to tell two truths and one lie, with the group having to guess which is the truth; or a task could state that you have to tell the person sitting beside you about a past erotic experience. Sounds raunchy, right?

It is possible to play social match as a drinking game; just make sure to ask the rest of the group if they are okay with this. You don't want to have to look after all of the lightweights.

All social match games usually last between 90 and 120 minutes. Everything depends on how fast your squad gets around the board. 

Most groups end up staying at the bar for the rest of the night, partying with their new friends that they've just met. So go wild! If you're searching for more exciting excursions, we have you covered. Check out our stag Olympics activity, where your group will compete in a number of games for a gold medal at the end. It's time to see who's the best all around player out of you all.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • There's a big possibility that other people who aren't in your party could be playing the game with you. 
  • Group sizes must be between six and ten people.
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