What's Included
  • 60 min. Party Bus Tour
  • Driver
  • sound system
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Get On The Floor Boys. Show Us What You're Made Of!

Take your mate's stag do through the streets of Vienna on Pissup's wild party bus. Fitted with a DJ desk, sound system, bar, dance floor, and more.

Cruise through the Austrian capital, seeing the sights while kicking off the pre party before you hit the club later that night. Our private driver will chauffeur you around the city in the back of a rolling disco. This vehicle isn't like any other, kitted out with a PR sound system, a fully functioning bar, a DJ desk, and more.

This is going to be better than any nightclub you've ever been in.

What To Expect

Your personal driver will pick you up wherever you like in the city. Just be aware that there are some regulations in Vienna when it comes to areas where you can drive. Let us know where you'd like to get picked up, and we'll do our best to accommodate it.

Calling the vehicle a party bus sometimes feels like an insult because when you see the inside, you'll realize this is far from just any bus. It's designed to give you that feeling as if you were at a festival. With lots of cool amenities and features, it's no wonder bachelor parties find it hard to get off when their time is up. Here's what you can expect on the inside.

  • A modern PR sound system that comes with a microphone.
  • Led light control functions.
  • A DJ desk.
  • A dance floor with a lounge for some boogying.
  • Chill and game areas.
  • A roulette and poker table.
  • A bar with refrigerators.
  • Sockets for charging phones.
  • A photo box to create some memories.

The party bus drive will last for one hour. In that time, you'll be brought on an exciting route around the capital, where you'll have the opportunity to see some of Vienna's famous sights. That's if you're not distracted by all of the fun on the inside.

We can organize for your stag party to have a fully VIP club night experience with a table reservation and drinks included after the bus ride. Imagine pulling up outside of one of Vienna's top hip clubs in a decked vehicle like our party bus. That will surely get you some female attention that could benefit you later on that night.

Add Ons Your Stag Might Enjoy

  • An extra hour's time on the party bus.
  • A beer tower for you all to consume.
  • Rum / Bacardi / whiskey and coke tower to really get you in the mood for drinking.
  • Gin and tonic tower if that's more your style.

What can you add?

extra 1 hour Partybus Nightliner (max. 37 pax)
Beer Tower
Rum/Bacardi/Whiskey-Coke Tower
Gin-Tonic Tower
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